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The On-Chain Solution
for Sustainability

Encode Carbon Offsetting into Smart Contracts

Integrate Sustainability into this New Trustless & Decentralised World

The decentralized revolution is rebuilding the world's financial infrastructure with people at it's core. 

We have a unique opportunity to also make the environment a beneficiary of our financial activity rather than a victim. 


Project Developers

Instant liquidity for carbon assets plus the ability to additional unique asset value monetised post-sale.

Carbon Traders

Multiple arbitrage opportunities and 0% trading fees between carbon liquidity pools.

Offset Funders

Protocols or on-chain communities can fund offsetting emissions created by their users with an incredibly simple funding mechanism.

Liquidity Providers

Minimised exposure to carbon asset depreciation with additional yield from the offset retirement fees.

Offset Curators

Empowered users or sustainability focused organisations to curate a unique impact investment strategy that meets their ethos. 


Certified Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction and Removal Projects

CarbonDAO works with suppliers to source Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) for tokenisation and currently exploring supporting projects on the Verra Registry.


Verra is the global leader in developing and managing standards that help the private sector, countries, and civil society achieve ambitious sustainable development and climate action goals.

We are exploring VCUs held in an approved off-chain custodian's active Verra registry account in exchange for a corresponding Semi-Fungible Security token (SFST).

An SFST minted by an ERC 1155 contract provides the token with a unique VCU reference number and a variety of properties identifying project type, origin, etc. 

SFSTs can be deposited in Carbon Pools in exchange for the Fungible Carbon Tokens corresponding to that Pool. ​

Carbon Pools have a defined distribution of SFST properties. This distribution is what controls the portfolio of carbon projects are offset and in what percentage. 


The Global Voluntary Carbon Market Statistics 


2020 Market Demand (tCO2e/yr)


of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offset


Market Demand Growth since 2017


Projected 10 yr Market Demand Growth


Projected 2030 Market Demand (tCO2e/yr)



more to come...


Connecting Public Blockchains


and the
Global Carbon Market

CarbonDAO connects the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) and smart contract enabled public blockchains.

​The cumulative market volume in the Voluntary Carbon Market topped 1.3 billion mt CO2 equivalent in 2019, with the value exceeding $5.5 billion. 

However, the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is still considered small in relation to anticipated demand. With a demand of 95MtCO2e/yr in 2020, the VCM currently represents only 0.2% of the reductions needed to achieve the 1.5C Paris temperature goal pathway in 2030. 

CarbonDAO is positioned at the junction between the exploding Voluntary Carbon Market and the technological revolution of decentralised trustless blockchain.

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